Red Deer College Weather Station

Real time data

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Time of reading 2:48a
Date of reading 06/29/17
Outside Temperature

Temperature data

Temperatures in degrees C

Outside Temperature (now) 12.0
High Outside Temperature 12.5
Time of High Outside Temperature 12:01a
Low Outside Temperature 12.0
Time of Low Outside Temperature 1:37a
High monthly Outside Temperature 27.8
Low monthly Outside Temperature 4.4
High yearly Outside Temperature 28.4
Low yearly Outside Temperature -30.9

Humidity data

Humidity 87
Low Humidity 86
High Humidity 88
Time of Low Humidity 12:00a
Time of High Humidity 12:49a
High Monthly Humidity 97
Low Monthly Humidity 17
High Yearly Humidity 97
Low Yearly Humidity 17

Air Pressure

Barometer 1012.8
3-Hour Barometer Trend Rising Slowly
Low Barometer 1011.9
High Barometer 1012.8
Low Monthly Barometer 989.3
High Monthly Barometer 1023.2
Low Yearly Barometer 980.9
High Yearly Barometer 1043.8
Time of Low Barometer 12:00a
Time of High Barometer 1:38a

Wind Speed

values in metres per second

Wind Speed 3.6
10 Minute Average Wind Speed 3.1
High Wind Speed 5.4
Time of High Wind Speed 12:01a
High Monthly Wind Speed 25.0
High Yearly Wind Speed 25.0

Wind Direction, chill etc.

Wind Direction In Degrees 296
Wind Direction Sector (16-point compass) WNW
Wind Chill 10.8
Low Wind Chill 10.6
Time of Low Wind Chill 12:23a
Low Monthly Wind Chill 2.8
Low Yearly Wind Chill -32.8


values in millimetres

Yearly Rain 186.2
Daily Rain 0.0
Monthly Rain 93.8
Storm Rain 0.0
Rain Rate 0.0
High Rain Rate 0.0
Time of High Rain Rate ----
High Rain Rate Hour 0.0
High Monthly Rain Rate 44.2
High Yearly Rain Rate 44.2
Daily ET 0.03
Monthly ET 135.41
Yearly ET 421.41
Solar Radiation 0
High Solar Radiation 0
Time of High Solar Radiation ----
High Monthly Solar Radiation 1371
High Yearly Solar Radiation 1371
UV 0.0
High UV 0.0
Time of High UV ----
High monthly UV 7.6
High yearly UV 7.6

Heat indices etc.

Outside Dew Point 9.9
High Dew Point 10.6
Low Dew Point 10.0
Time of High Dew Point 12:22a
Time of Low Dew Point 12:00a
High Monthly Dew Point 19.4
Low Monthly Dew Point -2.2
High Yearly Dew Point 19.4
Low Yearly Dew Point -33.9
Heat index 12.0
High Heat Index 12.8
Time of High Heat Index 12:01a
High Monthly Heat Index 28.9
High Yearly Heat Index 28.9
THW Index 10.8

Soil Data

Soil Temperature at 1m depth:
Current 13.3
Min 13.3 at time 12:00a
Max 13.3 at time 12:00a

Soil Temperature at 20 cm depth (deep root zone):
Current 16.1
Min 16.1 at time 12:22a
Max 16.7 at time 12:00a

Soil Moisture at 20 cm depth (deep root zone):
Ignore when temperature below zero
Current ---
Min --- at time ---
Max --- at time ---

Soil Temperature at 4 cm depth (shallow root zone/germination):
Current 15.6
Min 15.6 at time 12:28a
Max 16.1 at time 12:00a

Surface Temperature (use for frost and night time information):
Current 11.7
Min 11.7 at time 12:27a
Max 12.2 at time 12:00a

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