Red Deer College Weather Station

Real time data

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Time of reading 5:33p
Date of reading 11/18/17
Outside Temperature

Temperature data

Temperatures in degrees C

Outside Temperature (now) -1.9
High Outside Temperature 1.9
Time of High Outside Temperature 2:23p
Low Outside Temperature -14.0
Time of Low Outside Temperature 4:45a
High monthly Outside Temperature 1.9
Low monthly Outside Temperature -18.1
High yearly Outside Temperature 32.4
Low yearly Outside Temperature -30.9

Humidity data

Humidity 74
Low Humidity 55
High Humidity 89
Time of Low Humidity 2:17p
Time of High Humidity 4:52a
High Monthly Humidity 95
Low Monthly Humidity 55
High Yearly Humidity 98
Low Yearly Humidity 16

Air Pressure

Barometer 1014.3
3-Hour Barometer Trend Steady
Low Barometer 1014.3
High Barometer 1019.0
Low Monthly Barometer 1000.3
High Monthly Barometer 1031.5
Low Yearly Barometer 979.0
High Yearly Barometer 1043.8
Time of Low Barometer 5:22p
Time of High Barometer 3:02a

Wind Speed

values in metres per second

Wind Speed 0.4
10 Minute Average Wind Speed 0.4
High Wind Speed 4.0
Time of High Wind Speed 1:25p
High Monthly Wind Speed 13.0
High Yearly Wind Speed 25.0

Wind Direction, chill etc.

Wind Direction In Degrees 143
Wind Direction Sector (16-point compass) SE
Wind Chill -1.9
Low Wind Chill -16.7
Time of Low Wind Chill 6:27a
Low Monthly Wind Chill -23.3
Low Yearly Wind Chill -32.8


values in millimetres

Yearly Rain 330.4
Daily Rain 0.2
Monthly Rain 0.2
Storm Rain 0.0
Rain Rate 0.0
High Rain Rate 0.2
Time of High Rain Rate 4:00p
High Rain Rate Hour 0.0
High Monthly Rain Rate 0.2
High Yearly Rain Rate 142.2
Daily ET 0.41
Monthly ET 6.76
Yearly ET 844.19
Solar Radiation 0
High Solar Radiation 313
Time of High Solar Radiation 1:52p
High Monthly Solar Radiation 538
High Yearly Solar Radiation 1371
UV 0.0
High UV 1.0
Time of High UV 12:11p
High monthly UV 1.3
High yearly UV 8.1

Heat indices etc.

Outside Dew Point -6.0
High Dew Point -6.1
Low Dew Point -15.6
Time of High Dew Point 1:50p
Time of Low Dew Point 4:30a
High Monthly Dew Point -1.7
Low Monthly Dew Point -20.0
High Yearly Dew Point 19.4
Low Yearly Dew Point -33.9
Heat index -2.2
High Heat Index 1.7
Time of High Heat Index 2:23p
High Monthly Heat Index 1.7
High Yearly Heat Index 31.1
THW Index -2.2

Soil Data

Soil Temperature at 1m depth:
Current 3.9
Min 3.9 at time 12:00a
Max 3.9 at time 12:00a

Soil Temperature at 20 cm depth (deep root zone):
Current -0.6
Min -0.6 at time 4:35a
Max 0.0 at time 12:00a

Soil Moisture at 20 cm depth (deep root zone):
Ignore when temperature below zero
Current 200
Min 200 at time 12:00a
Max 200 at time 12:00a

Soil Temperature at 4 cm depth (shallow root zone/germination):
Current -1.1
Min -1.7 at time 5:53a
Max -1.1 at time 12:00a

Surface Temperature (use for frost and night time information):
Current -1.7
Min -15.6 at time 4:18a
Max 6.1 at time 1:53p

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